Brand Guide

Davidson’s brand is the outward symbol of the promise we make to our students, faculty, staff—everyone. Our identity, and how it appears across all touchpoints and expressions, is key to strengthening our brand and national profile.

These guidelines provide an essential resource for how best to represent the college consistently and effectively, across all channels.

Please reach out to the Communications Team for further information or assistance.

Davidson College primary logo lockup

Our Visual Identity

Unity and connection are at the heart of our 2023 redesign of the Davidson visual identity. With the consistent implementation of these assets, we will maintain a high quality, distinct and confident brand.

Our Brand

We appreciate your help in building the strength of our brand. We do that by consistently highlighting Davidson’s distinctive qualities, our mission and values and the bedrock principles that help connect and shape our community.

A Unified Identity

Maintaining a unified brand is the key to its growth and strength; consistency builds trust and credibility. For this reason, we discourage the creation of a new mark or logo for your department, program or initiative. If you have questions, or would like to discuss your needs with College Communications, please reach out to us.