Trademark Policy for Non-College Entities


The college consistently and continuously uses several marks and logos to distinguish itself from other institutions, business entities, and individuals. Davidson Marks have been used without interruption since their creation.


This policy seeks to protect the college’s reputation, good name, and image by ensuring the proper use of all Davidson Marks, registered or otherwise, and ensuring that only quality merchandise bears the college’s name.


No Davidson Mark may be used without prior authorization of the appropriate Davidson College representative. All merchandise bearing Davidson Marks and distributed for resale, or any other promotional purposes, is subject to this policy.

All requests to use any Davidson Mark for merchandising or athletic purposes shall be submitted to Collegiate Licensing Company (“CLC”). CLC shall process all requests and refer them to Davidson College for approval or rejection. If the request is approved, CLC will communicate to the Officially Licensed Vendor or individual submitting the request. All other requests shall be submitted to the director of marketing and licensing.

Only an officially licensed vendor may produce, sell, or distribute any merchandise bearing Davidson Marks.

Davidson Marks shall not be used in the promotion of tobacco or any drug products. All uses of Davidson Marks are subject to approval by the college. The college’s approval of the use of Davidson Marks shall be in the college’s sole discretion on a case-by-case basis.

Registered Davidson Marks shall be used as registered, include the appropriate trademark designation, and may not otherwise be altered without the authorization of the Athletic Department or College Communications. Non-registered Davidson Marks shall be used as approved by the college and may not be altered without the authorization of the Athletic Department or College Communications.

Merchandise produced without authorization may be considered “counterfeit” or misappropriated and subject to all available legal remedies.

Policy Definitions

“Merchandise” includes, but is not limited to, the following: a commercially distributed product, packaging, labels, advertisements, press releases, marketing materials, web pages, trade show materials, signs or graphics, presentations, technical documents, or any other materials.

A “Davidson Mark(s)” refers to any mark or logo used by the college whether registered or not with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Davidson Marks include, but are not limited to: the word mark “Davidson”, the word mark “Davidson College”, the Davidson College monogram logo consisting of an interlocking ‘D’ and ‘C’, the Davidson College word mark of “Davidson College” in hand-drawn lettering created for the college, the Davidson College lockup logo consisting of the interlocking ‘D’ and ‘C’ plus the word mark, the Davidson College Wildcat head with tufted ears and snarling teeth, the Davidson College full Wildcat body appearing in motion, the Davidson College Athletics word marks of “’Cats”, “Wildcats” and an arched “Davidson”, all in the same hand-drawn lettering as the college wordmark, the WDAV logo, and the Davidson College seal containing the phrases “ALENDA LUX UBI ORTA LIBERTAS” and “NE ULTRA” and the image of a sword piercing a snake.

A “Davidson Mark(s)” also includes any legacy mark or logo, including the word Davidson placed over a bar with a diamond underneath the “v”, and the Davidson logo consisting of the Wildcat head superimposed over a red diamond.

An “Officially Licensed Vendor” is an entity that has requested and received authorization from the college through CLC to produce and sell, distribute, or otherwise make publicly available Merchandise bearing a Davidson Mark. All requirements for authorization must be submitted prior to proposed use. The Officially Licensed Vendor may use a Davidson Mark according to the terms and conditions of the license agreement only. Breach of this agreement renders the agreement void and the use unauthorized.

Administration of Policy

The Athletic Department and College Communications shall jointly oversee this policy and review it at least once every two years. Changes to this policy shall be made in accordance with the college’s Policy on Policies. Any prospective vendor seeking a license to use any Davidson Mark on a commercial product must submit its request in writing to College Licensing Company at 1075 Peachtree Street, Suite 3300, Atlanta, Georgia 30309, Telephone: 770-956-0520, Fax: 770-955-4491.

All other requests should be made to College Communications. The office shall respond to any request within ten (10) business days indicating the college’s acceptance of, rejection of, or need for additional time to consider, the request. If the proposed use is acceptable to the college, the college will grant authorization. Failure to respond by the end of the ten (10)-day time period does not constitute acceptance or authorization.

College Communications shall provide authorization, when appropriate, and attach the following message to such authorization: I hereby authorize <name> to use the attached Davidson mark for <purpose> on <date>. This permission is for one-time use; requests for additional use must be resubmitted.

This policy applies to all entities and individuals that are employed by or enrolled at Davidson College. College academic departments, student organizations, and other official Davidson College departments should look to the college’s internal guidelines on the use of Davidson Marks.

Date of Adoption: Spring 2010
Last Revised: 8/21/23