Standard Offices & Services Pages

It is required that all official offices and services maintain a primary web presence on the main college website. Deviation from navigation and content standards requires approval from College Communications.

Department Webpages

All official college offices and departments must develop and maintain their primary presence on, using the guidelines, Workflow process and terms of use outlined in Digital Governance and Standards.

Offices should position their content to best reflect the experiences, opportunities and outcomes offered by the department. Information should describe core services, and their support of the institution’s operations and function.

Content should be organized intuitively; each page focusing on a specific topic. Page titles should be clear, and directly reflect the content.

The College Communications digital team will work with departments who would like to make updates outside of the Workflow process, including adding/changing photography, significant page changes and enhancements.

All departments should have at minimum:

Landing Page

Short paragraph or two covering general information about the office, services provided and key ways in which they support the college. Landing pages can feature cover photos at the top of the page; news, events and social media icons, as well as department contact information.

The main landing page should include call outs, features, teasers or content blocks with strong calls to action that link to the most important and frequently-searched services that the department offers. They should drive web visitors deeper into the departmental web pages for additional, detailed information.

Staff Page

Listing of staff members within the department along with headshot photos. Each entry includes contact information, with an optional bulleted list of Primary Areas of Expertise.

Departments are encouraged—but not required—to create and maintain profile pages for each staff member. This is typically an “all-or-nothing” approach—either all staff members in the listing will link to a profile page, or not at all.

For example: staff listed on the Dean of Students page all link to profile pages; the College Communication staff page does not.

Employees can submit their bio information through the New Employee Profile form.


Additional Resources

Screenshot of CatCard Services Navigation on

CatCard Services has a simple navigation but maintain a main landing page and staff page.

Screenshot of Career Development Services Navigation on

Career Development has a complex navigation but also maintains a landing page and staff page.