Editing a Profile Page

1. Navigate to the profile of the person you’d like to edit.

  • If the person has a detailed biography page, find their page by navigating the site.
  • If the person only has a listing but no biography, use the content tab to find their Drupal person profile.

2. To edit the profile, identify what information you need to update. Information will be organized in content tabs. You will want to focus editing on Contact Information, Education & Expertise, and Basic Profile. Follow directions specific to each tab for editing. 

Screenshot of CMS showing person content tabs

Contact Information

The contact information tab is where a person’s basic contact information is stored. This includes name, title, phone number, box number (Address) and office location (Additional Location Information). This information will populate the faculty profile listing and the contact block on a detailed biography page.

To edit Contact Information:

1. Scroll down until you see the tabbed section. Remain on the first tab, Contact information.

2. Enter or edit information in the appropriate fields. 

Education & Expertise

The Education & Expertise tab is where one’s education and areas of expertise information is entered. One’s most advanced degree belongs at the top of the list, and at most five areas of expertise can be included per person.

To edit Education & Areas of Expertise:

1. Scroll down until you see the tabbed section. Select the second tab, Education & Expertise.

2. Edit existing degrees and areas of expertise or choose Add Another Item if you’d like to add a new degree or area of expertise. 

Basic Profile

Any text entered in the Basic Profile tab will appear under the Background heading on one’s detailed profile.

1. Scroll down the edit screen until you see the tabbed section. Select the third tab, Basic Profile.

2. Edit or add information. If you include a subheading, such as Teaching, format the subheading as a Heading 2 to match the rest of the page.

Profile Formatting Guidelines

Contact Information
Phone numbers should be listed in full, with numbers separated by dashes. Address listings should only include box number. Professors’ titles should include their discipline. Pronouns are listed under the office/building space in the “Additional Location Information” box in the format of ‘Pronouns: she/her/hers’.

Degrees are listed as type of degree (in descending order starting with highest degree) and awarding institution.

Biographies are written in the first person in order to maintain a conversational, welcoming tone. Bios should include information about one’s specialty and discipline, how they involve students in their research and scholarship, how they mentor and assist students or how their work elevates the college’s mission. 

Head Shot
Photos for profiles must be professional head shots. Read our Digital Photography Standards.

Profiles should not include long, comprehensive lists of accomplishments or publications. CVs can be attached if sharing of this type of information is desired.