Davidson’s palette of colors provides structured variation within a hardworking brand. Colors are to be used in accordance with the college’s Brand Guidelines (PDF).

Primary Colors

Davidson’s primary brand colors are red, black, and white. Black and white provide high-contrast stability, while red acts as a signature color providing dynamism and vibrance.

Davidson Red
R212 G33 B33
C0 M100 Y100 K0
PMS 3546 C

R15 G16 B18
C70 M60 Y50 K100
PMS 426 C

R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0
Opaque White

Supporting Colors

Supporting colors add sophistication and nuance to an otherwise bold, high-contrast primary palette. Please review the brand guidelines for recommended color combinations.

R233 G222 B211
C0 M5 Y9 K9
PMS 7604 C

Deep Taupe
R159 G139 B118
C3 M21 Y37 K43
PMS 4046 C

Lake Blue
R41 G72 B120
C66 M40 Y0 K53
PMS 4137 C

PMS Cool Gray 1

PMS Cool Gray 3

PMS Cool Gray 6

PMS Cool Gray 8

PMS Cool Gray 10

PMS 7540 C

Color for Text

Color combinations must adhere to WCAG AAA contrast standards for normal text, large text, and user interface components. Please refer to the brand guidelines for more details.

Text in different colors overlaid on different color backgrounds