Templates & Samples

Davidson’s visual identity should be applied consistently across print and digital media.

Please use the designs on this page as a starting point when creating new materials on behalf of the college.

Presentation Slides

College Communications has developed branded presentation templates for use by college employees. The template is available in both Google Slides and PowerPoint (login required).

For assistance using Google Slides Templates, please visit T&I’s Knowledge Base.


College Communications has developed a set of custom letterhead templates for each department and office across the college. The templates are available as PDFs and in Word, which are intended for print purposes.

For printed letterhead or business envelopes, please contact Post & Print.

Please note: letterhead is to be used for official correspondence only and must be clearly associated with a specific department or office. For questions, including electronic or digital letterhead, please contact College Communications.

Business Cards

Davidson’s on-campus Copy/Print Center serves our students, faculty and staff with a variety of services, including business card printing.

To order business cards, please contact Post & Print. A 48-hour lead time is highly recommended.

Name Plates & Badges

Davidson’s preferred vendor for name plates and name badges is Ryder Engraving.

Employees may select a template and place an order by emailing Adam Gosnell at sales@ryderengraving.com.

Email Signatures

College employees are asked to use one of the below email signature templates for internal and external communications.

For questions and setup instructions, please visit the T&I Knowledge Base.

For promotional emails developed in CRM platforms like Blackbaud and Slate, please review the Email Campaigns section below.

a screenshot of a Zoom screen with campus beauty and a Davidson College logo lockup

Zoom Backgrounds

College Communications has created branded virtual backgrounds for use on Zoom.

Want to join the party but don’t know how? Learn how to change your Zoom background.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns developed in Blackbaud, Mailchimp, Slate, Constant Contact, or similar platforms should uphold the college’s Brand Guidelines (PDF). Please note that these guidelines do not apply to personal correspondence.

The designs on this page are for sample purposes only and are not final design applications. Please use them as a reference when creating new materials.

For questions, please contact College Communications.