Intro to Workflow & CMS Editing

Launched in May 2019, the Davidson website is a key element of the college’s communication and marketing efforts. The new website’s unique navigational features, audience gateways and routing pages are fully articulated on CMS Workflow Process

The website uses Drupal as its content management system (CMS). The CMS offers users an intuitive interface that makes it easy to edit content without worrying about design.

Workflow encompasses all stages of maintaining the accuracy and integrity of the website,  from identifying content that needs to be updated and making changes in the CMS, to approving those changes and publishing them to the live site.

CMS training is designed for anyone who would like to have login access to the CMS, is responsible for the content of their office or department webpages, and/or will be making regular edits to web content via our workflow process. College Communications digital staff schedules and leads the training sessions, and are supplemented with workshops and drop-in hours for CMS users who need more hands-on support.

Roles & Responsibilities

The digital staff provides strategic and day-to-day oversight of all web content submitted for review as part of workflow before it is published to the live Davidson website. Digital staff members also are responsible for maintaining and generating content for high-level landing pages like the homepage, as well as pages that link from the mega menu, and providing content writing/editing support to departments.

The process of reviewing, editing and maintaining content is owned by the individual offices and departments. Workflow requires designated roles to be established, including web content directors/owners and CMS content editors.

The Digital Governance and Standards provides details about the people, policies, procedures, standards and guidelines that govern the creation and maintenance of our official website.

For assistance with web related requests, email

Quality Assurance

Each new or edited page should be checked against the following criteria before submitting for review.


Grammar, spelling, typos, written in a web-optimized format, appropriate/hierarchical subheadings.


Content is consistent with the college style guide. For example:

  • Names & Titles, e.g. “Professor Krentz” or “Prof. Krentz,” not Dr. Krentz
  • Numbers & Figures, e.g. 5 p.m. or 5:30 p.m. (not 5:00 p.m. or 5 PM)
  • Dates & Ordinal Numbers, e.g. fifth (not 5th) and 10th (not tenth); Feb. 15 (not February 15th)

Additional Resources

Recap of Drupal CMS Training

If you have already attended CMS Training, the following video follows the modules included in this training guide and serves as a great refresher. Please note watching this video does not substitute attending a training in order to obtain CMS editing access.